Why Kimchi?

All Natural

Fermentation has been part of human diet since the prehistoric times. Kimchi is a Korean culinary tradition with a 1,500 year recorded history, developed as a means to preserve cabbage and other vegetables naturally through fermentation—like its distant cousin sauerkraut, or brined pickles.

There is a certain mythical aura to kimchi if you ask any Koreans. Long heralded as the “super food” of Korea, many studies and findings in recent years associate kimchi’s unique attributes to numerous health benefits. Kimchi produces non-dairy probiotics, or “healthy bacteria,” that aids in digestion and building a healthy, balanced gut flora, which results in a stronger immune system. One of kimchi’s main ingredients, raw garlic, has been proven to show cancer-fighting potential and the abundant antioxidants in kimchi are credited for slowing down aging process.

Every jar of Kimchi Kooks is handcrafted and lacto-fermented using only the freshest all-natural ingredients with no added preservatives. Raw and gluten-free, this kimchi is packed with vitamins and non-dairy probiotics that are essential for your diet.


A Family Affair

Brewery Logo in 1955

Kŭmbong Brewery logo in 1955


Kimchi'd Cabbage & Beets and Kimchi'd Kale

Fermentation of foods and beverages was very much a way of life in the Kook family. The technique and the knowledge of various types of ingredients and the resulting quality of foods have been taught and handed down from generations of men and women in the family.

Our recipes originate from Kate Kook, whose grandfather, when she was growing up in Seoul, owned the then well-known Kŭmbong Brewery that produced cheongju, a high quality rice wine, from early 1920s until the late 1960s.

Inspired by her experience of living in New York City since 1999, Kate created many small batch recipes using local, seasonal ingredients. Out of these experiments comes the Kimchi’d™ line, a contemporary take on a timeless tradition.

Kate has since perfected her own traditional Kook recipes that feature the Classic Kimchi and the Original White Kimchi.

In 2015, Kate Kook and her son, WooJae Chung, established Kimchi Kooks in Brooklyn, New York.

Our Kimchi

  • Classic Kimchi
    Classic Kimchi
    • – the best seller
    • – favorite, traditional, piquant red kimchi (but not too hot)
    • – the playmaker (aka the most versatile condiment and ingredient your fridge will ever meet)
    • – perfect with braised beef, pork belly, tomato sauce, and eggs
    • – level up your veggie roast, stew, ramen, and pasta
    • Low Calorie
    • Good Source of Vitamin A
    • Fat Free
    • Rich in Antioxidant Vitamin C
    • Cholesterol Free
  • Original White Kimchi
    Original White Kimchi
    • – woojae’s all-time favorite
    • – an old world delicacy with a mellow, yet complex zest of the natural “vinegar”
    • – enjoy with bitter greens, fresh avocados, hummus, olive oil, and tree nuts
    • – tangy, effervescent appetizer for your bloody mary kind of day
    • – your new favorite breakfast arsenal
    • FAT FREE
  • Kimchi’d Kale
    Kimchi’d Kale
    • – for the aficionados (also kate’s favorite)
    • – the grand slam: raw, green, probiotics, and vitamins
    • – smooth, crisp, mildly tart with a hint of mediterranean
    • – seafood lover’s delight
    • – impress with your hors d’oeuvres (pair with soft cheeses like goat or brie)
    • Low Calorie
    • Excellent source of Vitamin A
    • Fat Free
    • Rich in Antioxidant Vitamin C
    • Cholesterol Free
  • Kimchi’d Cabbage & Beets
    Kimchi’d Cabbage & Beets
    • – the crowd pleaser: spunky and sophisticated
    • – simply juicy, crunchy, sweet, sour
    • – easy, vibrant accent for any picnic, bbq, or celebration
    • – pair with tofu, tempeh, bagel with cream cheese, chicken salad, tacos, and hot dogs
    • – great complement to your favorite spicy dishes
    • FAT FREE


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Seoul Food. Made in New York.
Kimchi Kooks
the run continues! east river state park, williamsburg every saturday open 11am to 6pm sept. thru oct.
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